FOUND in Partnership with Akeso Crescent Clinic and Calibre Education 

September 2019

Topics: Stress and Distress / Trauma / Disability and Ability / Athethoid Cerebral Palsy / Life-Skills / Storytelling

Growth Mindset Talk December 2019

with Valerie Brimiah

Storytelling Launch September 2017

with Rebecca Kanoerera

Back by popular demand! This space has fast become a place where women feel safe, encouraged and understood. Join us as we host our very last sessions for 2020.

What is Breathe and Connect?

It’s simply a space where women share /listen and connect with each other. It honours the power of sharing personal narratives and helping each other with challenges. At the very least it is a space where experiences and emotions are validated and not ignored. It is also a space in which we create awareness and educate attendees about certain themes and realities.

Who can attend?

Any lady in your world! You don’t have to always relate to the subject matter. Come listen as we create awareness and open up crucial conversations


Sunday 22 at 6pm
Sunday 29 at 6pm

R100 for 2 sessions (works out to R50 per session)



Sharing sessions start Sunday 22 November at 6pm. Register here: