Zac’s Journey




Zac was born with Tetralogy of Fallet – a birth defect that’s rare and affects the heart’s structure. At 6 months, old, this little fighter underwent open heart surgery at Christian Bernard hospital in Cape Town: 1 open heart surgery, 21 days in ICU and isolation for 6 months. Only Zac’s parents could pick him up, hold him, or care for him. Isolation meant that Zac couldn’t play or be around other kids. His recovery was dependent on intense care and precaution. School, daycare or any extra activities were put on hold until Zac turned 3 and was given the green light by his cardiologist. The risk of infection and bacteria was high and Zac had to be monitored to make sure he recovered fully. Zac has grown up to be social, responsible and loving despite his isolation period. Zac’s journey has taught society that kids may have conditions which require special attention when it comes to integrating them into a healthy social environment. His story has inspired many and his spirit is a testimony to others to keep fighting. One of the factors which must be stressed as a lesson in this journey, is the importance of medical aid. This op cost about R300 000 and can only be done in either Johannesburg or Cape Town. If there is no medical aid, your little one goes on a waiting list – the last thing a parent wants to hear. Zac is now a boisterous 5-year-old with a resilient spirit and a wonderful heart. He has fought open heart surgery, isolation and faced the enormous task of blending into society despite his rough start.

We salute you little solider!