How to Choose Replacement Windows

If your windows show a significant amount of damage or are difficult to open, it may be time to replace them. You can improve the curb appeal of your home and give it a home a fresh look by installing new windows.

They also provide a variety of comfort benefits such as less outside noise and temperature control. If you’re looking to sell your home replacing your windows is the best way to boost the value of your home.


Cost of replacement windows will depend on a number of factors. This includes the type of window you choose and the location of your house. The final cost will be affected by the labor required for the installation.

The price of your windows will depend on the frame material you choose. The most popular options are vinyl, aluminum, and composite materials. These frames provide insulation and durability , which can shield your home from weather.

Energy-efficient windows can also aid in reducing your home’s energy bills and increase the value of your home. They are designed to keep hot and cold air from entering your home during the summer and winter. This will reduce your cooling and heating costs and your carbon footprint.

Other window treatments, like low-emissivity coatings , or insulated glass, can also help reduce your energy bills. These treatments could increase the cost of your project, but will save you money over the long haul.

window fitters hayes types The number of panes within windows can impact the cost of your project, because single-pane windows are less energy-efficient than double-pane windows. Double-pane windows are more insulated than single pane windows, due to the non-toxic gas argon which is trapped between the panes.

Costs can also be influenced by the design of your windows. The most expensive, complicated windows will cost more than regular ones. The most popular window styles are bow or bay casement, fixed and picture casement, double-hung, sliding or folding, storm, and pocket windows.

These styles are not the only options. There are a variety of types of replacement windows that improve the aesthetics and the functionality of your home. For instance arched windows can be a striking feature and serve as an accent for your home’s style.

In the end, you can also add an additional window sill to make your windows appear larger and more appealing. In some instances it is possible to reduce the total cost of your project.

The total cost will be contingent on the number of windows you choose to install. This will increase the cost of labor and increases the cost of the materials. Window replacements can be expensive and should be carried out by professionals.


One of the most important decisions that you’ll need when replacing your windows is which style to choose. There are many options out there such as double glazed window hayes and single hangers, sliders, tilt-n’-slide bay, replacement windows hayes casement, bow garden, awning, and the hopper window style to give a few examples.

The classic hayes double glazing-hung window style features two sashes that slide vertically to open or close the window. They add a touch of function and style at the same time.

They are available in various colors and materials. In addition to their traditional appearance, they are also very robust and stand the test of time.

Another popular type is the casement windows with the sliding sash, which is hinged, that opens both outward and inward. This is a great option for shower or bathroom space, where you might wish to let steam escape without having to open the entire window.

There are more complex windows that come with distinctive features. Pella replacement windows are made of Fibrex which is durable enough to support large windows and let in plenty light.

They are practical and can be utilized to increase your home’s security and energy efficiency. The glass’s inner layer is a source of the gas argon, which can help keep your home cool by insulation of the air inside and keeping drafts out.

The top windows will give your family lots of privacy but still allow plenty of light and fresh air. There are a variety of options, but the most popular is installing windows that are soundproof. This will allow you to sleep better at the night.

The choice of the right replacement windows for your home is an important choice that must be made with careful consideration and research. This will ensure that you get the most of your new windows for years to come. If you’re ready to begin the process, look through our guide to replace your windows with new ones , or book a no-cost home consultation with one of our local dealers.

Energy efficiency

The amount of energy used to cool and heat your home can be enormous It’s therefore essential to select windows that are energy efficient. There are a variety of elements that can make a window more energy efficient, such as the glass, frame material, coatings, spacers, and seals.

Window ratings should be rated by a U-Factor (or solar heat gain coefficient SHGC) rating. These are both important measures of how well a window’s insulation is. A window with a low U-Factor for example, means that it will keep the inside of your home warmer during cold conditions and cooler during hot weather.

Also, you should consider the loss of air rate of your windows. It is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM) and is a reliable measure of how much air can be let through your windows, which can lead to drafts, and also increase your cooling and heating costs.

Some windows are more efficient than others, and can reduce your energy bills by 7 to 15 percent. Additionally, windows that are energy efficient can also reduce the carbon footprint of your home and also reduce greenhouse gas emissions from power stations.

Look out for the ENERGY STAR logo on replacement windows hayes and NFRC ratings when you buy them. This will ensure that you get the most energy efficient windows for your climate zone.

Multiple panes of glass can make windows that are energy efficient more efficient than single panes. Other energy efficient windows use special coatings, spacers, and gases that impede heat transfer.

For instance, a Low-E coating blocks UV rays and helps reduce heat transfer. Another option that is energy efficient is double-pane glasses that have an argon gas insulator between the panes.

These energy efficient options aren’t the only ones available. You can also alter the look of your windows using the choice of paints and finishes. This lets you make your windows match with your decor and adds beauty to your home.

Installing new windows will help you save money on your heating and cooling bills and enhance the value of your home. In fact, replacing the existing windows with energy-efficient windows could boost as much as 40 percent to the value of your home according to Remodeling Magazine.


The security industry spends heavily and attention to door locks however windows are just as crucial. They can serve as an entry point into your home, and allow criminals to see a glimpse of the property.

There are several things you can do to make your windows safer, including choosing the right glass and installing window bars. There are numerous security measures you can adopt to ensure your windows are secure , without sacrificing the style and the comfort of your home.

One of the most effective security features is a lock that comes with an individual key that you knowabout, and requires a unique code to open. This makes it difficult for burglars home, and also protects your possessions even when you aren’t there.

Installing a programmable sensor to the windows you are replacing will ensure that they are secure. It will notify you if the window is damaged or someone is trying to alter it. This will send you an email or text message warning you of any suspicious activity within your home.

The best replacement windows have all the bells and whistles, from locks that can be locked to an alarm that goes off when someone tries to gain entry. They also come with multiple glass panes and double glazing for added security and strength.

This glass is ideal for families with children or pets. It is more durable than single pane glass and will keep your kids safe, even in the event that they sneak in some rocks or a piece of wood.

A glass that has been tempered and with an interlayer is able to stand up to a hammer or brick blow. Although this isn’t available on every replacement window , it’s an excellent option to increase your security and safety.

There are several things you can do to increase the security of your home. However replacing all the windows with newer ones is the best option. You will get more light and a home that is more efficient.